DINERSart creative workshop’s souvenirs and accessories collection is characterized by fine art quality finish, fusion of traditional and contemporary, original ideas and individual approach to each souvenir or accessory made, top notch quality of professional artists’ hand work, use of natural and ecological materials, limited number of units produced.

In creative workshop, guided by its art director Robert Diners, there are talented artists employed that follow and realize DINERSart’s unified artistic concept using different techniques and materials (metal, glass, ceramics, textile, leather etc.)

DINERSart collection is made up of exclusive and unique souvenirs and accessories that can be crafted in small numbers or larger numbers or even only one piece. DINERSart can develop souvenirs and accessories tailored to the customers’ different needs.
Thanks to the wide variety of possibilities in development of souvenirs and accessories creative workshop possesses, DINERSart offers a broad range of prices according to customers’ requirements and possibilities.

DINERSart collection is both modern and relevant and is rooted to Latvian art traditions at the same time. It is all carefully developed – from an idea to the finished packaging.

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